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P&O Ferries to end Liverpool-Dublin Route

Dublin. Picture credit: Canva

In a significant turn of events in the maritime industry, P&O Ferries, a prominent ferry operator in the United Kingdom, has announced the forthcoming cessation of its Liverpool-Dublin route. This decision has sparked numerous reactions from industry stakeholders and unions. As we navigate these changing tides, let us explore what this means for commuters and the industry, along with a glimpse of the emerging alternatives.

An Era Comes to an End

By the close of 2023, the historic Liverpool-Dublin route facilitated by P&O Ferries is set to be discontinued, marking the end of an era. The service, chiefly used for freight transport between the UK and Ireland, with 24 sailings a week, has been a vital connection between these two bustling cities. Unfortunately, due to unresolved negotiations regarding berth availability in Liverpool for the upcoming year, this route is slated to close, as confirmed by both P&O Ferries and the Peel Ports Group.

The Unite union has termed this development as a "historic loss", echoing the sentiments of numerous individuals and businesses that have relied on this service. Unite national officer, Bobby Morton, emphasised the gravity of this closure, stating that it would be a "huge blow to the people of Liverpool and Dublin".

Supporting The Affected Workforce

As the closure looms, concerns about the welfare of employees servicing the ferries at Liverpool docks are at the forefront. More than 30 members of the workforce are expected to be affected. In response to this, the Unite union is working tirelessly to ensure that the workers are adequately compensated and assisted in finding new employment opportunities. P&O Ferries also affirmed their commitment to supporting affected employees in finding alternative employment avenues, whether within their business or elsewhere.

Charting New Waters: The Holyhead-Dublin Alternative

With the Liverpool-Dublin route drawing to a close, attention shifts to viable alternatives that can sustain the maritime connection between the UK and Ireland. As indicated by P&O Ferries, one existing alternative to consider is the Holyhead-Dublin route serviced by Stena Line, another prominent operator in the region.

The Holyhead-Dublin route offers a beacon of continuity amidst the changing circumstances. Stena Line, with its proven track record, provides reliable services, thereby ensuring that the vital link between the UK and Ireland remains unbroken. This route presents a promising alternative for both freight and passenger transportation, offering new opportunities and a fresh start.
Moreover, P&O Ferries reiterated its dedication to serving customers through other routes including the crossing between Larne and Cairnryan, besides maintaining a substantial presence around the UK.


As P&O Ferries steers towards new directions, it remains a priority to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for all involved parties. Despite the end of the Liverpool-Dublin service, the maritime industry is adaptive, with alternative routes like the Holyhead-Dublin pathway promising to fill the void and foster new connections. As the industry navigates these uncharted waters, it remains to be seen how these developments will reshape the maritime landscape in the coming years.

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