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Visiting Germany

Ferry Routes

Bornholm to Germany

Ronne to Sassnitz

10 Sailings Weekly
3 hrs 20 mins

Denmark to Germany

Finland to Germany

Latvia to Germany

Lithuania to Germany

Norway to Germany

Sweden to Germany

Why take a Ferry to Germany?

Search and compare ferry routes on with the leading ferry operators including DFDS, Stena Line, Scandlines, Finnlines, TT Lines and more while travelling to and from Germany with its prime position in the Baltic Sea from the ports of Rostock, Kiel, Puttgarden, Travemunde and Sassnitz as you sail to and from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Bornholm.

Highlights of Germany

Germany is one of the most varied and charming countries in Europe. As a destination, it is very underrated and offers a number of truly lovely cities with amazing culture and scenery The country has a major position at the heart of Europe; it is home to the biggest economy and has the largest population in the EU sharing its land borders with nine other nations. Germany will surprise you and is more diverse and cosmopolitan than most people think prior to their first visit; it mixes time honoured nationalism and tradition with multicultural modernism and diversity. Berlin is the definition of dynamism, having forged an excellent reputation for art and culture. Elsewhere, the likes of Cologne, Munich and Hamburg provide not only history in the form of classical music, fine art or medieval architecture, but they also put pay to the notion that Germany cannot mix it with the best of them when it comes to food. These days, you can dine and drink extremely well in Germany. There is of course far more than the Cities of Germany and the countryside is stunning. From the amazing peaks of the Bavarian Alps to the cliffs of the Jasmund National Park to the castles of the Rhine and moors of the Mecklenburg Lake District, it’s a wonderful place for hikers, cyclists, boaters, motorists and skiers alike. Travelling around Germany is so easy, it is not an expensive Country and overcrowding is rare and, despite its size, it could not be easier to get from A to B thanks to an incredibly efficient public transport network as well as an incredible motorway and road system, and as they say in German vorsprung durch technik.

The Culture, Food and Drinks

The typical German snack is the cooked sausage called a Wurst, that is served with a bread roll, there are other popular favourites pretzels, sauerkraut or schnitzel, however there is so much more than the old favourites and first time visitors tend to be quite surprised by the variety of regional specialties, from the fresh seafood of Northern Germany, the lamb dishes of Lower Saxony to the casseroles and stews of Rhineland-Westphalia and the noodle-based choices from South West Germany.. Elsewhere, expect a dash of Mediterranean flair, no shortage of healthy options and – perhaps best of all – prices that compare favourably to other European Countries. And to accompany your meal? Beer. Germany has approximately 1300 breweries producing over 5000 brands of beer.

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