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Northlink Ferries

How do I get the cheapest Northlink Ferries tickets?

Using to book a Northlink ferry allows you to compare ticket prices to destinations in the Orkney and Shetland Islands. To seek out the most competitive deals available for your selected trip, just fill out your details in the search box and choose from the selection of offers.

What routes do Northlink Ferries offer?

Northlink Ferries currently provides three main routes to the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands. Passengers can set off from Aberdeen to Lerwick, Shetlands and also to Kirkwall, Orkney - while there is an alternative route from Scrabster to Stromness, which is also in the Shetland Islands. Aberdeen to Kirkwall is a 7-hour journey, whereas travelling onward to Lerwick is an overnight ferry and Scrabster to Stromness is a 10-hour journey. Ferry services are limited through the week, depending on the season, but there are numerous and consistent trips over the weekend.

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Why should I book with Northlink Ferries?

A reasonably new ferry operator Northlink Ferries have been providing ferry services for less than a decade, Northlink Ferries provide a lifeline service to the northern isles. The service operates three passenger ferries on routes to the Shetland and Orkney Islands and has offices in Stromness, Lerwick, Kirkwall, and Aberdeen.

Northlink Ferries operate 363 days per year, with its services vital to the residents of the Northern Isles, catering to islanders and visitors alike - as well as transporting goods and vital supplies. The ferries are designed for comfort and contain spacious lounges, dining options with local island produce, as well as bars to relax at for longer haul journeys. Northlink ships also provide entertainment on board and spacious cabins for overnight stays.

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Ferry Routes

Aberdeen to Kirkwall / Kirkwall to Aberdeen

4 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs

Lerwick to Kirkwall / Kirkwall to Lerwick

3 Sailings Weekly
5 hrs 30 mins

Lerwick to Aberdeen / Aberdeen to Lerwick

7 Sailings Weekly
12 hrs

Scrabster to Stromness / Stromness to Scrabster

3 Sailings Daily
1 hrs 30 mins

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