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Corsica Sardinia Ferries

How do I get the cheapest Corsica Sardinia Ferries tickets?

Search and compare cheap prices for ferries from Italy and France to Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and Italy with Corsica Sardinia Ferries known also as Corsica Ferries who offer a number of different ticket types for you to choose from dependent on how flexible you need to be on their modern Classis, Express and Mega Express Ferries.

To ensure you get the best ferry deal simply fill out your requirements in our ferry search and you will see the best prices for your trip away.

What routes do Corsica Sardinia Ferries offer?

Corsica Ferries operate 10 ships on routes to and from Italy and France to Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and Italy on routes to and from Toulon, Nice, Calvi, Livorno, Bastia, Portoferraio Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio, Porto Torres and more.

Corsica Sardinia Ferries operate up to 15 ferry crossings per day to Corsica and Sardinia and up to 7 ferry crossings per day to the Island of Elba. has the most up to date timetables, routes and fares for Corsica Ferries. Use our ferry search to compare prices for Corsica Ferries and to book your next ferry crossing.

Why should I book with Corsica Sardina Ferries?

On board Corsica Ferries it is so easy to start your holiday and relax and enjoy the great range of facilities you would expect of a modern air-condoned ferry including lounge, restaurants, bars, cafeterias and shops.

The meal and restaurant choices range from self service restaurant to an A la carte restaurant dependent on the ferry and the route you are sailing on. You can enjoy a good meal in the cafeterias on the Corsica Express Ferries or in the self-serving buffets on the cruise ferries Mega Express and the Corsica Shuttle.

Visit the boutique on board the ferry where you will find a good selection of popular perfumes and cosmetics as well as new products, clothing and gifts that are exclusive to Corsica Ferries.

Corsica Ferries have a range of cabin choices from the more simple Holiday cabins and Cruise cabins to Top Class cabins and even Luxe cabins for the ultimate travelling experience and it is recommended that you do take a cabin so you can start your onward journey relaxed and raring to go on the next stage of your holiday.

Ferry Routes

Ajaccio to Toulon / Toulon to Ajaccio

15 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 25 mins

Ajaccio to Nice / Nice to Ajaccio

5 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 15 mins

Bastia to Piombino / Piombino to Bastia

2 Sailings Weekly
2 hrs 15 mins

Bastia to Savona / Savona to Bastia

11 Sailings Weekly
5 hrs 45 mins

Bastia to Livorno / Livorno to Bastia

18 Sailings Weekly
4 hrs

Bastia to Toulon / Toulon to Bastia

8 Sailings Weekly
9 hrs 30 mins

Bastia to Nice / Nice to Bastia

13 Sailings Weekly
5 hrs 15 mins

Calvi to Savona / Savona to Calvi

1 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 30 mins

Calvi to Toulon / Toulon to Calvi

2 Sailings Weekly
8 hrs 30 mins

Calvi to Nice / Nice to Calvi

4 Sailings Weekly
5 hrs 30 mins

Golf Aranci to Livorno / Livorno to Golf Aranci

14 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 25 mins

Golf Aranci to Nice / Nice to Golf Aranci

3 Sailings Weekly
16 hrs

Ile Rousse to Livorno / Livorno to Ile Rousse

1 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 45 mins

Ile Rousse to Savona / Savona to Ile Rousse

1 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs 30 mins

Ile Rousse to Toulon / Toulon to Ile Rousse

7 Sailings Weekly
6 hrs

Ile Rousse to Nice / Nice to Ile Rousse

2 Sailings Weekly
4 hrs 5 mins

Porto Torres to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Torres

2 Sailings Weekly
8 hrs

Porto Vecchio to Nice / Nice to Porto Vecchio

3 Sailings Weekly
12 hrs

Porto Vecchio to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Vecchio

2 Sailings Weekly
12 hrs

Portoferraio to Piombino / Piombino to Portoferraio

4 Sailings Daily
30 mins

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